Travellers Inn Launches New Online Takeaway Service

The Travellers Inn Milford is delighted to announce that we have launched a new online order service for takeaway food. “You can order and pay online so you’ve only to collect your order when it’s ready,” says owner Michael McBride. “This is faster, easier and safer for everyone, during these Covid pandemic times.”

How Travellers Inn Online Orders Work

Michael explains that customers can order from their website here the takeaway menu, which includes their pizza menu. “It’s easy to use. You just select your main and then you can choose side orders or even add extras like another side or extra sauces or gravy.”

“When your order is complete, then you simply pay online and your order is processed by us. All you have to do then is collect it with no waiting around to pay when you get here. This reduces the level of contact between customers and staff which is safer for everyone.”

Level 3 Restrictions in Donegal

Because Donegal is now operating under Level 3 restrictions, Michael says he expects that their takeaway service will once again be very popular. “We first launched our takeaway service in June when the first restrictions were lifted for restaurants. And we could not believe how busy we were. Even after the sit-down service re-opened, our takeaway orders were still almost at capacity.”

Michael expects to be just as busy again now in the coming weeks, as Donegal adapts to tighter restrictions again. “People still want quality food prepared in a home-cooked style and we all need some comfort in this difficult time. We have had great loyalty from our customers and in turn we are proud to look after them well.”

About Travellers Inn Takeaway Menu

Key features of the takeaway menu include our famous warmed chicken salad, Sunday roasts, and fish dishes, says Michael. “Service and quality are at the heart of everything we do and we work closely with local suppliers and artisan food producers. We’ve got a great range of side dishes and our tantalizing desserts.”

You can also order online from the pizza menu. “All our pizzas are 12” stonebaked with homemade tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella. Favourites include the Garrygort Meat Feast with BBQ sauce base, chicken, ham, bacon and pepperoni, and the Legmuckduff, with shredded chicken and fresh green pesto.”

Placing Your Order

You can order online here but please note that we are still taking orders by phone too. “We understand that not everyone can or chooses to order online so you can order by calling us on (074) 916 3499.”

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